Everyone has times in their lives when stress seems overwhelming, when the ways that we use to cope just aren't working anymore, or are even making the situation worse. 

Counseling can help you to move forward at times when you feel stuck, can help you to develop new coping skills and tools to manage life's challenges, and rediscover the strength inside you. It provides an accepting, non-judgmental, confidential environment, and a safe place to explore your thoughts and feelings with a caring, compassionate listener.

My areas of specialization and interest include:

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief, and loss
  • Self-injury ("cutting")
  • Eating disorders
  • Survivors of child abuse
  • LGBT issues, including self acceptance, coming out, and spirituality
  • Spirituality and wellness

I use an integrative approach, which means that I draw from different counseling theories and techniques to craft the therapy that will best meet your needs and your wants. We might look at changes you can make in your behavior that will help you to feel better, we might track down the thought patterns and self-talk that increases your depression or anxiety, we might look at patterns in your family history to increase your understanding of your current situation - whatever is most appropriate for you. My role is not to tell you what to do; rather, I walk alongside you through this part of your journey to listen and understand.

As a counselor, I focus on your strengths: the tools and support and positive factors that have helped you get this far in your life. No matter how overwhelming life seems, you are more than the sum of your problems. I also believe strongly in a wellness approach that considers you as a whole person: your mind, your body, your emotions, and your spirit.

I work at Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, which gives me the freedom and flexibility to take most insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cofinity, HAP, and Medicaid HMO plans.  From there, I also work with a psychiatrist so that counseling can be combined with medication treatment if necessary.  

If you think that counseling might help, then please feel free to contact me. I also offer a free initial phone conversation to answer any questions that you might have.